Why we do it?

Farming is the most basic and essential profession for human kind. If we are aware of it or not, farmers play a very important role everyday of our life!

Local farmers are one of the most  important aspects of local community. Unfortunately, disconnection between farmers and consumers, has resulted in many ills in the society – Unhealthy food production practices, Food Adulteration, Diseases, Sky-rocketing medical bills,  Environmental  Pollution, Social and Economic distress for farmers resulting even in farmer suicides to name a few.

Farmer-Consumer connection can be really beneficial for both, as well as in strengthening local economy and ecology, by bringing in transparency,  traceability and better prices  for farmers’ products.

Sincere thanks for your support to local farmers!


With this platform, we aim  to contribute towards better farming practices, Healthier food to consumers and much required financial and morale booster to farmers.

Our Mantra
~Annadata Sukhibhava! Annabhokta Svastobhava!~
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